How to send announcements to attendees?

Communicate to your attendees registered for the event. Eventzilla makes it simple for the event organizers to email their attendees. This option available under Manage Registrations.
1. Log on to your Eventzilla account
2. Click on event title

3. Click on Manage Registrations - Email attendees

4. Enter the Subject, Announcement name etc. Organizer can email the attendees registered for a particular event date (if in case the event is set up as recurring event)
Filter by ticket type and send email for the attendees registered for that ticket type.

5. The organizer can send an attachment through the emails with the maximum file size of 2MB.

6. Once the email notes are entered you can either sent it by clicking 'Save and Send now' or save it in the draft by clicking on 'Save for later'.

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