Knowledge Base

  1. Setup/Manage Event Page 

    1. The basics of using Eventzilla for events
    2. Setting up your first event page on Eventzilla
    3. Accepting credit card payments
    4. Accepting Payments Offline
    5. Add or Edit Location Information
  2. Managing Orders 

    1. Cancelling an existing order
    2. Confirming a pending order
    3. How to view your orders
    4. Incomplete / Abandoned orders
    5. Resending a confirmation email to attendees
  3. Managing your account settings 

    1. Change Password for Eventzilla Account
    2. Changing Email Address on your Eventzilla Account
    3. How to close / delete my Eventzilla account?
  4. Payment Options and Fees 

    1. How much does it cost to sell tickets on Eventzilla?
    2. What currencies are supported by Eventzilla?
    3. How to accept credit card payments from attendees without PayPal accounts?
    4. Change PayPal Email Address
    5. How to make attendees pay the fee?
  5. Personalize Event Page 

    1. Adding a logo / header image on your event page (Optional feature)
    2. Adding a YouTube video to your event page
    3. What languages are supported by Eventzilla?
    4. Can I customize the confirmation email that is sent to attendees?
  6. Promoting your event 

    1. How can I promote my event on Facebook & Twitter?
    2. Sharing event details on Twitter and Facebook
    3. Sending email invitations
    4. How do I increase the ticket sales for my next event?
  7. Ticket/Registration Types 

    1. Deleting an existing ticket type
    2. Editing an existing ticket type
    3. Setting up one or many registration/ticket types
  8. View - Export Attendee Reports 

    1. Exporting attendee details to an excel sheet
    2. Can I email all my attendees?
  9. All articles 

    1. Accepting credit card payments
    2. Accepting Payments Offline
    3. Add or Edit Location Information
    4. Adding a logo / header image on your event page (Optional feature)
    5. Adding a YouTube video to your event page

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