Add or Edit Location Information

The objective of this tutorial is to cover the basics of adding a venue to your event page. You can add Multiple venues to your eventzilla profile

Venue is unique for an event page, one event will reflect only one location as selected during the event set up.

1.  Adding a venue is optional for virtual events. (Example: Webinars, Teleconference etc.)
2.  Event organizers can add the venue while setting up the event in 3rd step:

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4. Event organizer can select a previously added venue address for consecutive events.
5. Organizer can edit venue location under account settings tab.

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Note:  Adding a venue name and address will automatically create a Google map on the event page, If you do not want to show the map in the event page, you can check the box labelled 'Do not show the map'  while adding the venue.

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