How can I promote my event on Facebook & Twitter?

People like to go to events with friends. When you provide a discount to share your event details on Facebook / Twitter, you can spread the word easily to more people.

Here are the options to setup the social media discounts.

1. Log in to your Eventzilla account.

2. Dashboard/Events > Click on event tittle > Promote Event > Facebook/Twitter Discount.

3. Enter the price or % of discount that you want to offer for sharing your event page on Facebook & Twitter. Save and review your event page.

The social media discount will be displayed to your attendees during registration(on checkout page 2). When attendees share the event details on their Facebook /Twitter account - they get the discount applied to their registration fees immediately. This is not a rebate or a refund and it can be used as an excellent choice to promote your event on Social Media using word of mouth marketing.

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