What will my client see on their bank statement?

Once your client makes a payment through EventzillaPayments, the transaction will appear as“WPY*yourcompanyname” on their credit card statement. Also, when the client finishes the checkout process, a message will appear to notify them of this statement. It is important that your client is familiar with how the transaction will appear on their credit card statement, as to reduce the rate of chargebacks due to unrecognized charges.

Here is a list of actions you could take when an online transaction fails in your Eventzilla account:

  1. Confirm with your client: Make sure that your client has entered their credit card correctly and their information is up-to-date.
  2. Contact your online payment gateway: Ensure that when you contact your Payment Gateway, you have the error message you received and know the transaction you are referring to. More often than not, your Payment Gateway will be able to solve any transactional problems you are having.
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