Check-in options

Eventzilla offers various check-in options.

1. Manual check-in
2. Scan mode check-in
3. Check-in through App

1.Manual Check-in:

Manual check-in option is available in

Event title > Registration > Check-in guests

All the tickets will be listed with the 'Check-in button displayed against each ticket. Simply click the button to process check-in. Oops! If you had done a random check-in by mistake, Altering the status is easier, just click the    'Uncheck-in button displayed against the ticket type.

2.Scan mode check-in
There is an option in the eventzilla account which will allow you to scan and check in attendees when you connect any bar-code scanner to your computer.

Event title > Registration > Check-in guests  ( Switch to scanning mode )

There are no restrictions on types of scanners, however, laser scanners work better in general.
In the case of a bar-code scanner, the system will validate the ticket as soon as you finish scanning the bar-code.
If the bar-code entered is a valid one, then a "Green" indicator will appear above to show that this is a "Valid Ticket". Otherwise, a "Red" indicator will be displayed. If a ticket is valid, then a "Process Entry" button will automatically appear below to allow you to check-in that attendee.

2.1 You may check-in attendees by manually entering the bar-code digits in the field provided. When the correct number of digits are entered into the field, the system will automatically attempt to validate the ticket.

3.Check-in Through mobile app:
A unique QR code is printed on the tickets.

You can scan the QR code using our iPhone or Android check-in apps at the event.
You can download the Eventzilla mobile apps for iPhone / Android from the respective app stores and use it to scan and check in attendees
Android App for Check-In

iPhone App for Check-In

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