Eventzilla payments (Wepay) - Why their is delay in receiving my payments?

If you are using Eventzilla  Payments here are some reasons that could be delaying the funds from reaching your bank account:

·        Is it your first payment through Eventzilla Payments? WePay is verifying all information about the transaction and the involved parties.

·        Is it still within the processing time for Eventzilla Payments/WePay?

·        Is it still within the processing time for your bank to deposit the funds?

·        Is there a bank account connected? You can update it in your WePay Dashboard.

·        Is the bank information accurate? Are the transit and routing numbers correctly entered?

·        Is there a name on the bank account?

·        Are there a proper number of digits for the bank account entered?

·        When did the last withdrawal get sent? When is the next one scheduled?

·        Did you reach your transaction reserve limit? If you processed more than the specified limit in one week, your account might have hit its reserve limit. That means any transaction over a specified number will be paid out 7 days later. For more information on reserve limits.

·        When did the transaction occur? When did it clear Pending status?

·        Did the transaction occur over a weekend/holiday?

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