Steps to edit or add new digital links to your event

Digital links:

This section will allow you to link various types of digital links and resources to your event and / or parts of your event such as sessions within your event. You can also configure and streamline how you would like to deliver each of these digital resource(s) to your attendees, restrict access to specific attendees, set expiration time frames and much more.

Event set up > Digital links > Manage digital links

To Edit an existing webinar event details click on the gear icon against the webniar, This will open a window where you can edit the webinar details already specified.

To Delete an existing webinar click on the 'Delete' option:

To expire the webinar temporarily or deactivate it temporarily then click on 'Expire'. You may reactivate it anytime later.

To add another meeting URL to your event, please click on 'Live webniar - Connect'

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