Create webinar/Meeting with Eventzilla Virtual

Log on to your Eventzilla account > Click on create an event > In the third step of the event creation you can select the option to use 'Eventzilla-Joinlive' option.

Select the resource type 'Meeting' or 'Webinar'

Enter the Title for your resource

Specify the date, time, duration and timezone for the resourceEnter the description for your meeting or webinar.

By default, the 'Require registration' option will be checked.

You can lock the meeting or webinar with the password for more private events.
Select room layout preference

Check to send out the attendee notification email once they register for the event.

You may choose to send out reminders to your attendee as required. You have two options with the reminders, one day and one hour before the meeting or webinar start time.

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