Webinar analytics

Event hub page is where your online resource link is displayed in Eventzilla. You can have view the quick numbers on the analytics on this page, such as the total views, visitors etc.

Please visit the Virtual/Hybrid events > Engagement Analytics page

Views  - Total number of views for the event page and your resource

Visitors  - Total number of unique visits 
Resources accessed  - Number of authenticated users who has visited your content
Resource Title - Display of all your resources added alphabetically
Unique visitors - Count of each unique visits.
Visits - Total count of visits which may include multiple visits by the same user
Engaged (Resource accessed)  - Count of authenticated  users visited the resource
You may also download the quick report on the attendee details with the hub page data. Click on ''Download report'' option available on this page.
Data included in the report is given here:
Attendee / Participant
Accessed on
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