Steps involved in completing the Eventzilla payment set up

Clicking on the option 'Create your Eventzilla payment accounts'. There will be a unique 10 digit  account id created.

For Example - Account ID :1992430374
Your account has been successfully created and is now ready to accept payments.

This message confirms that your payment account is created.

However there are few steps left behind to complete the process of linking your bank account.

Step 1: Please check your registered email id for the activation email from ''

Step 2: Click on 'Confirm my account now' button in the email message

Step 3: Enter the password and click on 'Grant access'

Step 4:  Click on Verify button to update the your information in the wepay account

Please note: WePay is required by law to collect a SSN before you can withdraw your funds.

You can read more on their explanation of the matter here.

Don't worry, this information is securely encrypted.  

Step 5: Once verified you may be able to link your bank account information

Step 6: Please enter your bank account details like Bank routing number or routing transit number, Account number and Bank name

Click on 'Finish'.

For any additional questions, please send an email to

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