How to set up customized url / Subdomain for the event page

Customized event url works in a dramatic way to promote your event. Eventzilla makes it much simpler to customize event url for your event page.
By default, your event page will go with an automatically generated url which contains the event id along with the eventzilla domain.
You can customize this to your preferred name which works great in event marketing!!!

For an example, the event url can be configured as 'https://

Please follow the below path to configure the url for your event page:

  1. Log on to your eventzilla account > My Events /Dashboard > Click on event tittle > Manage registrations - Use your own domain
  2. Select 'Yes' for the option 'Do you want to use your own domain name for your event page?'
  3. Click on 'Proceed'
Once payment is completed you can configure a unique sub-domain for your event with Eventzilla. Enter the sub-domain name in the space provided. Click on 'Save changes'.
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