Create contact list in your account

Evenzilla has the option to create contact list on account level, you can create your own contact list to be used to send out invites for your events.

We just rolled out another step further to make your event invite process a much better one!!

To create contact list, please follow the below steps:

Log on to your eventzilla account > Settings > My contacts > Click create contact list.

Enter a name for your contact list

There are 3 ways you can generate the contact list:

  • Upload contacts from locally saved csv file
  • Import from the address book of your mail box (Yahoo, Gmail or AOL)
  • Add the attendee's email id from your past and current events.

 On selecting the first option, you need to upload the file from the system, browse and upload the file.

Second option to import contacts will require to sign-in to the respective mail box to complete the contact list creation.

 Third option to create the contacts from the attendees details of the past events will list the events hosted through the account, select  the events from which you want add the attendee email ids to the contact list.

For any additional questions, please email to

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