Bank transfer option - Offline payment mode

Attendees can pay for the event through other offline payment mode which is the 'Bank transfer'  option.

Organizer can select the option either at the time of creating the event or at the 'Payment and Shipment' in Event Edit.

Event creation Step  > Payment options > Select Bank Transfer


Click on event tittle > Event edit > Payment methods  > Select Bank Transfer  

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  Enter the payment instruction for your attendees in the space allotted for the Bank transfer instructions. (These instructions will be displayed in the confirmation page and in the confirmation email sent to the attendees). Click 'Save'.

You can choose to send the automatic payment remainders to attendees for pending payments.

Once this option is enabled it will available in event page as one of the payment method for the attendees to choose

  Attendee will receive the confirmation email confirming the registration and the pending payment.

Organizer can view this order processed through the bank transfer option in the 'View orders' page. Order status will be in 'Pending'. Organizer can confirm the order once the payment is received for the respective order ref no.

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