How to setup waiting list for sold out events?

This article will cover the basics of setting up a waiting list for sold out events.

Waiting list set up:                                                                                                                

Please follow the below steps for Waiting list set up

Step 1: Log on to your Eventzilla Account

Step 2: Click on the Event title.

Step 3: Click on Registration > Approval/Waitlist

Step 4: Select Enabled - YES, Click on 'Configure'.

Step 5: The waiting list can be activated based on the ticket types or the total capacity of the event.

Step 6: You can limit the waiting list to a maximum number of people based on your preference. Default ‘Zero’ means unlimited count.

Step7: You can customize the following items.

1.    Auto Response message: The attendee will receive this message after completing the waiting list registration.

2.   Ticket release message: The attendee will receive this message when a spot has opened up to complete the registration.

Step 8: Set the time for the waitlisted attendee to register for an event after the ticket is released.

Step 9: Click on Save Changes.  

NOTE: This option is available in pro-plan and in premium bundle subscription.

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