Cancelling a confirmed order

unds and cancellations can be done at any time before your event ends

The most common applications are:
1. Attendee requested to cancel the registration
2. Attendee registered online with a check payment but never paid a check. 
To cancel an overall order, please follow the steps below:
Step 1: Sign in to your existing Eventzilla account and navigate to the event setup.
Step 2: From the left navigation, select the Manage registrations - View orders Step 3: Select the "Order" you want to cancel or quickly copy-paste the order ref number on the search box above the grid and click the 'Cancel order(s)' button. Step 4: In the pop-up enter the reason for cancellation > Click on 'Cancel order(s)'. 

Free orders - There are no refunds for free orders, and orders can be canceled directly for the event.

Paid orders - Please follow the link to learn more about the refund process for paid orders.

Once the order is canceled, the attendee will receive an email notification. It may not be possible to undo a cancellation.

How to view the canceled orders?

On the Manage registration > View orders tab, the organizer can see a list of canceled orders.
Please pick the option "Show just Cancelled Order(s)" to see all the canceled orders for your event


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