Cancelling an existing order

Most common uses:

1. Attendee requested you to cancel his registration and refund the money paid to attend the event.
2. Attendee registered online using check payment but never sent payment via check.

Please follow the below steps to cancel an overall order:

Step 1: Login to your existing Eventzilla account and Select the event tittle
Step 2: Select “view orders” link from the left navigation under the label 'Manage registrations'.

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Step 3: Select the “Order” you want to remove and click on 'Cancel order(s)'.

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Step 4:Enter the reason of cancellation in the space provide and check the box > Click on 'Cancel order(s)'

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Remember – Eventzilla does not process any refunds  automatcially and you need to refund the funds from your PayPal account. It is recommended to issue refund to the attendee before cancelling the order on Eventzilla website.

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