Why organizers receive invoice from eventzilla

Invoices are sent to the organizers to collect our processing fee. We send invoices at every month-end. Below are the scenarios where we send an invoice to the organizers.

Case 1:
ll the organizers who uses either Authorize.net, Stripe old account, Eway or Braintree as their payment processors to handle the online payments will receive an invoice to pay our processing fee, this will be for all the orders since we do not process our fee during the transaction (Real-time) when these payment processors are used.

Case 2:
In cases where check/cash payments may have been accepted by the organizer, we will send you a consolidated monthly invoice for Eventzilla fees owed.

Case 3:
In most cases of Paypal, we deduct the commission automatically, however in some cases, PayPal automatically switches over to the fall-back standard integration mode, wherein full order payment (including Eventzilla fees) are sent to your PayPal account. This is irrespective of the setting whether the eventzilla fee is set to paid by the attendee or the organizer.

Case 4:
In very few cases, where the organizer has acknowledged switching his account to 'Paypal standard' mode and all the online payments are processed through this mode.

For further help and assistance, please send us an email at help@eventzilla.net.

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