Incomplete / Abandoned orders

What is an "Incomplete / Abandoned" order?

Reasons why an order was tagged "Incomplete / Abandoned":

* When the buyer failed to return to Eventzilla after completing their payment on PayPal or another payment gateway such as Authorize.NET. 

* This happens in cases where a payment transaction either failed at the payment gateway or in a small proportion of cases when the buyer closes the window halfway through the redirection process.

NOTE: In most cases, "Incomplete" orders reflect failed payment transactions, hence it is safe to delete these; however, in a small number of cases, some successful payment transactions may be listed as incomplete for the reasons mentioned above. In these cases, please follow these steps to manually verify and confirm these orders.

1. Once on your event management page, please click Registration > View orders page

2. On the "View orders" page, please select "Incomplete / Abandoned orders only" in the "Filter by status" options and click on the search button. 

3. This will show you the list of all incomplete orders. 

4. You can then click on the order and manually choose to confirm ONLY it if you have a successful remittance from PayPal or Authorize.NET corresponding to this particular Order ref#. This process will then automatically dispatch the tickets to them.

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