Mail Chimp Integration

Integrating Eventzilla with Mailchimp is a convenient way to enhance your email marketing efforts for events and make sure your attendees are added to your Mailchimp mailing list.

Once you have provided your Mailchimp credentials, you will have the option to synchronize your attendees with a specific Mailchimp contact list. This means that all attendees who register for the selected event will be exported to the chosen Mailchimp mailing list. This initial synchronization ensures that your event's attendees are added to your email marketing The integration ensures that all future attendees to the event are automatically added to the Mailchimp list without requiring any manual intervention.

This is a valuable feature, as it keeps your mailing list up to date with the latest attendees. In summary, integrating Eventzilla with Mailchimp streamlines your event email marketing efforts. It allows for the seamless transfer of attendee data to your Mailchimp contact list, and the automatic addition of new attendees as they register for your events. This integration simplifies the process of managing and communicating with your event attendees through email campaigns.

Here are the key steps to integrate email campaigns in Eventzilla with Mailchimp:

  1. Log in to your Eventzilla account.
  2. Once logged in, go to your Account Settings.
  3. For Developers: In the Account Settings, look for a section or tab related to developers or integrations. This is where you can set up various integrations, including Mailchimp.
  4. Mailchimp Integration > Get Started: Click the "Get started"

  1. You will be prompted to provide your Mailchimp API key. Your API key serves as a secure way for Eventzilla to connect with your Mailchimp account and access your mailing lists. Please click the link for the steps to access the mailchimp API key.

    6. On clicking on Proceed you may have to select the following options

    Select Your Event: In Eventzilla, you will need to choose the specific event for which you want to sync the attendees. This is the event from which you want to export attendee data.

Choose Mailing List: : In a dropdown menu, you can select the specific mailing list in your Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor account where you want to sync your attendees' information. If you want to sync attendees from all of your events, you can select "All events" in the dropdown.

After selecting the event and the mailing list, click on the "Save and Synchronize Now" button. This action triggers the synchronization process.

Configuring custom field mapping between Eventzilla and Campaign Monitor is an important step to ensure that the data from your event registration form in Eventzilla aligns correctly with the custom fields in your Campaign Monitor mailing list. Here are the steps involved in mapping custom fields and initiating the synchronization.

After selecting the Campaign Monitor mailing list to sync your attendees, you will be prompted to map the custom fields.

You'll need to choose the custom form fields added to your Eventzilla event registration form. These fields could include attendee information such as name, email address, phone number, company, or any other custom data you've collected during event registration.

After saving the field mapping, you can proceed with the synchronization by clicking on "Save and Synchronize Now".

For each Eventzilla custom field, you will need to specify the corresponding Campaign Monitor custom field where the data should be placed. This mapping ensures that the data collected from your event registration form is correctly transferred to the appropriate fields in Campaign Monitor.

After clicking on "Save and Synchronize" to initiate the synchronization process between Eventzilla and Campaign Monitor, you should be able to view the created campaign integration

This update will show the date and time of the most recent synchronization between Eventzilla and Campaign Monitor.

The "Last Synchronization Update" is important as it lets you know when the attendee data from your Eventzilla event was last transferred to your Campaign Monitor mailing list. This information helps you track the currency of your email list and ensures that you are working with the most up-to-date attendee data for your email marketing campaigns.

If you have any questions or encounter issues during the integration process, you can contact Eventzilla support by sending an email to for assistance.

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