Eventzilla Basic Plan Overview

The Eventzilla Basic Plan is designed for small events and first-time organizers, offering essential features without any setup fees, monthly fees, or contracts. This plan allows you to host unlimited events and provides a straightforward pricing structure.

Key Features and Benefits

No Fees or Contracts

  • No Setup Fees: Get started without any initial costs.
  • No Monthly Fees: Pay only when you sell tickets.
  • No Contracts: Flexibility to use Eventzilla as needed without long-term commitments.


  • Fee: $1.50 per paid ticket.
  • Pass on Fees: You can choose to pass the fees on to attendees.


  • Basic Support: Access to basic support services.

Feature Set

  • Single User Account: Manage your events with a single user account.
  • Unlimited Events: Host as many events as you want.
  • Unlimited Free Registration Types: Offers unlimited free registrations.
  • Custom Registration Form: Collect detailed registrant information.
  • Confirmation Emails: Automatically send confirmation emails to attendees.
  • Email Invitations: Send email invitations to potential attendees.
  • Attendee Announcements: Communicate important updates to your attendees.
  • Sell on Your Website: Embed ticket sales directly on your own website.
  • Integrate Webinars & Video Streaming: Incorporate virtual stream source into your events.
  • Basic Self-Service for attendees: Allow attendees to manage their own registration details.
  • Onsite Check-in/Sales: Use the mobile app for on-site check-in and sales.

The Eventzilla Basic Plan provides a cost-effective solution for event organizers, delivering essential features to manage and promote events successfully.

For any additional questions or assistance, please contact us at help@eventzilla.net.

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