How to generate custom reports for your events?

Eventzilla makes it easy to generate custom based reports for all your events. We offer 3 major categories reports;

1. Order report 
2. Attendee report 
3. Custom question responses

Check out this demo video;

To generate an event report, click the event set up > Analytics - Reports

Please follow the steps here to generate an order report.

1. Select report type from the drop down

2. Select the following based on the requirement:

  •   You may select the ticket types for your current event or select ticket types from multiple events at a shot
  • Choose the date range
  • Ensure to pick the order status you want to include in your report

3. You select the report columns:

4.We have 2 options to either run the report immediately or scehdule the report generation

4.1 For Schedule option, please set the name and the select the frequency.

For any questions - Send us email at

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