Why should I switch to PayPal for Marketplaces?

PayPal Adaptive Payments has now been deprecated to a limited release product. As an alternative, PayPal has launched a more flexible and seamless payments platform called PayPal for Marketplaces, suitably named for platforms such as Eventzilla that facilitate transactions through PayPal for event organizers.
Why are we implementing this change?
In order to transition all our organizers from the Adaptive payments platform to PayPal for Marketplaces, we require all organizers to simply re-connect their PayPal account using a more streamlined authentication mechanism. If you registered with Eventzilla prior to April 22,  2018  and are currently using a PayPal account the accept payments from your events, then we strongly recommend that you transition your account by following the simple steps described in this  article. To learn more about Paypal for Marketplaces -  Click here.
What is the timeline to migrate all PayPal accounts to the new platform?
All newly created events will automatically support the PayPal for Marketplaces solution only, however, we will continue to support existing legacy solutions for existing events to avoid any disruptions, However, we recommend that you migrate your events to the new solution by simply re-connecting your PayPal account as described in this  article to leverage the benefits of the new platform.
Are there any additional fees or costs resulting from this change?
There are absolutely no cost impacts to you as a result of this change. 
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