How the event organizer can enable the attendee app for an event?

Eventzilla's  Event App is the best companion for attendees on-site. From the list of sessions with speaker bios & attendee messaging. Eventzilla's attendee app has got all the features to engage your attendees.

  • Increased attendee engagement
  • Keep your attendees informed
  • Detailed insights
  • Promote attendee interactions

Deliver the most effective and interactive content and activities to your attendees based on your event nature.

Here are the steps to enable the attendee app for your event.

Step1: Go to the Event and click on Event Mobile app> Set up

Step 2:  Define the way how the attendees can access the event via app


When attendees register for your event, they will automatically receive an invite to download the app and view the details. To access the app, they need to use the email address they used to register for your event

The attendee will enter the same email address registered for the event while joining the event received to join the event.

Step 1 - Slide on the features you want to display on the app for your attendees.

Step 2: Add a sponsor and Splash screen image to be displayed. Please note that the sponsor logo display is included in the premium mobile app features.

Step 3: Add the direction map or the route map for your venue.

You can either 'Save' or 'Save and publish now'

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