What is the cost for the Event Mobile app with premium features?

Eventzilla provides an optimized pricing option for the premium feature subscription for the app.

The more credits you subscribe the more you save

  •  1 Event app credits $499/event.
  •  3 Event app credits $1272. (15% savings)
  •  5 Event app credits $1996. (20% savings)
  • 10 Event app credits $3742. (25% savings)

If you want to subscribe for more than 10 events then you can contact our sales (sales@eventzilla.net) for a customizer package,

Our premium subscription package gives access to following attractive features

  • Private messaging between event attendees
  • Push notification messages to your attendees
  • Sponsor logo display on the app
  • Audience powered rating & feedback for sessions & speakers (Launching soon)
  • Automated reminders for sessions & other announcements (Launching soon)
  • Real-time snap polls & surveys (Launching soon)
  • Live Polling for your attendees
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