How to enable polls option for your attendees on the mobile app?

Please follow the steps here to enable the polling option on the attendee app.

Step 1: Goto Event  > Engagement> Polls

Step 2: Select the post to option, i.e if you are allowing the polls for the entire event, all sessions or only for specific sessions.

Based on the above selection the display on polls will appear on the appropriate sections on the attendee app.

Step 3: Specify when you want the polls to be sent to your attendees.

Immediately - As soon as the poll is created
Specific date and time - Prefered date and time.

tep 4: Enter the questions and you can add the options, maximum of 5 options can be added per pollStep 5: Toggle the option for whether you want to show the results to your attendee once they voted the poll.
Then you can publish your poll.
Click the link here to view how the polls is viewed on the attendee app
Note: The polling option will be available for the attendees only if they had joined the event on their app.

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