What is Eventzilla Virtual?

Eventzilla now offers an easy and simple option to host your virtual event within your Eventzilla account through its very own add-on (Eventzilla Virtual) powered by Eventzilla's latest venture: Eventzilla Joinlive.

This is an optional add-on comes, which comes in multiple package options to suit a range of requirements. You can choose to subscribe to it on either an annual or monthly basis. In addition, there is also a no-obligation 7-day free trial available for you to be able to explore all the features of the add-on without leaving Eventzilla.

You can use the powerful capabilities of Eventzilla's brand new offering, Eventzilla JoinLive to market your virtual event, register attendees using a custom registration form, promote with discount codes, and collect payments online. It is seamless.

Enjoy the seamless native platform integration with Eventzilla. Use a single source to maintain your event registration and host your virtual events.

Here’re some key features of Eventzilla Virtual add-on, which is powered by Eventzilla Joinlive:

  • Manage everything in one place: Be it setting up your virtual event, monetize, manage registrations, or promoting it online, event organizers can streamline all their virtual event tasks in one place. 
  • Collaborate anywhere: Join or host a webinar from a modern browser by just clicking a URL. No installation is required. 
  • Multistream to social platforms: Broadcast webinars or live streams virtual on popular social media and video platforms.
  • Custom registration form: Easily collect additional data from attendees with a customizable registration form. 
  • HD recording: Record your video content to replay or share it with people who missed watching in real-time. This feature records the screen shares, as well.
  • Embed webinars: Users can embed a webinar on their websites and host it from there. 
  • Screen sharing: Share a single screen or entire application with the audience during the webinar or live stream.
  • Create Polls: Hosts can engage their audience by creating a poll for them to participate. 

Improve your virtual event's conversion rates by offering a uniquely seamless experience to your attendees from event promotions through to registration and the actual delivery of meeting/webinar (s). Switch today from your current provider and improve your conversions

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