Live streaming events

Live Streaming feature lets you publish an RTMP stream from anywhere you want and play it in the Joinlive room. You can also connect professional cameras or software to stream your event. It also enables you to stream a 360 video if you have cameras that can support this

The option for 'Live streaming' can be found in the Share Menu, click “Open Share Menu” in the content window or the “+” icon in the upper left of the content window to start.

Select “Live Streaming” from the list. 

The window of the Live Streaming feature looks like the screenshot below. 

1. Server URL – Paste this URL into your external streaming software.
2. Client Key - Paste this client key into your external streaming software.
3. 360 Stream – If you have a camera that supports 360 video streaming you can enable it by selecting this option.
4. Add Source – By clicking this you add a second, third, fourth, etc source, and are given corresponding client keys.
5. Remove  – Removes the last source that you added.
6. Start Streaming – Click to begin streaming.
7. Close – Click here to close the Live Streaming window.

OBS Settings

Once you have your Live Streaming window open in Joinlive, open your Open Broadcasting Software, and click “Settings”.

Once the Settings menu is open, select “Stream” from the menu on the left of the screen. Here you will find two fields that correspond to the fields in the Joinlive Live Streaming window. Be sure to select “Custom” in the server field. Copy and paste the Server URL and Stream Key from Joinlive to the appropriate fields in OBS. Once that is done, click “Ok”.

To begin the stream, follow these steps:

1. First add a new scene by clicking the “+” button.

2. Secondly add a new video and/or audio source by clicking the “+” button. 

You will be asked to select the type of device. Most commonly added is a webcam, for that select “Video Capture Device” You may also choose to add a Video file or any other media as the Stream Source. 

When adding a new device, select “Create New” and change the name of the device if you so choose.

On the screen that appears next, select the device you’d like to add from the dropdown list, and click “OK”

3. Finally, click “Start Streaming” in the OBS software. 

Once you have everything set up in OBS, go back to your Joinlive Room. Open the share menu, select “Live Streaming”, and click “Start Streaming”. Remember that your event can have multiple scenes, and to each scene you can assign multiple devices (such as cameras), to then be able to switch between them seamlessly. 

How to end your Livestreaming?

Your stream will be active in your webinar room in a tab of the content menu. If you’d like to end the stream, you can close the tab by clicking the (x) icon

You can also open the share menu, again select “Live Streaming”, and click “Stop Streaming”. 

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