Modern theme - a quick overview

This article aims to describe key features introduced by the recently launched " Modern" theme for event pages and how they differ from the current "Classic" theme.

TLDR: No action is required for your existing events. You can also continue to use the existing "Classic" theme for your future events too, but the newly introduced "Modern" theme introduces some additional benefits over the "Classic" theme.

What is the "Modern" theme?

You now have not one but two theme options to choose from when you create your event registration pages. The newly introduced theme is titled "Modern" while the existing theme is now called "Classic". Apart from look and feel differences between the two themes, the Modern theme also introduces a more minimalistic and seamless registration experience compared to the traditional stepped registration flow of the "Classic" theme.

Key highlights

  • Improved control over the presentation your your event's cover / header images across all devices and screen resolutions.
  • Event details are no longer overlaid on your cover art avoiding any distractions.
  • A modern and minimalistic embedded registration experience that is faster and more seamless for attendees
  • More responsive and universal design that ensures better compatibility across all engagement channels.

The Differences

Even though all options are quite self-explanatory, this section focuses on the key differences between the Modern and Classic themes

Modern Classic

Your Cover art in all it's glory.
No overlays. No distractions.

Improved registration experience
Stepped traditional registration vs a fast & minimalistic embedded registration experience

Crop and crop again.
You can now adjust the precise presentation of your cover art at anytime and as many times as you like without having to re-upload the original artwork

Commonly asked questions

Will this affect my existing events?

No. All your current and upcoming event that are currently using the "Classic" theme will continue to work without any changes.

Can I continue using the Classic theme for my future events too?

Yes. We will continue to support Classic theme in parallel to the Modern theme in the near to medium term. And even in the future, we will never force you switch your event theme for any existing events.

Can I switch to "Modern" theme for an event that is already live?

Absolutely. You can switch back and forth between the Classic and Modern themes at any time and as many times as you want. Changes will be applied instantly.

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