Specify Tax for your event

The tax information can be added to your ticket registration by the organizer.
It may be necessary to charge tax in some countries, so the organizer is responsible for including tax information on the event page.

1. Click on Event tittle >Event set up > Ticket/Registration
2. Toggle ''Enable tax for this event's registrations''
  • Specify the Tax name and Tax percentage   

Enter the "Tax name" - This is more of a Tax descriptive name. The exact tax norm that the attendee can identify during registration is known as the tax name. 
Basic tax rates can be named and configured as flat amounts or percentages of the ticket price
  • Select Tax configuration
Inclusive of transaction amount- If you choose to include the tax in the total price, you will not notice a difference in your total ticket cost. You will be responsible for paying the tax, and your payout will be reduced as a result.
Exclusive of transaction amount - An additional amount designated as tax will be added to the total price and displayed on the event page before being processed. The tax, which is added to the ticket price, is the responsibility of the attendee.
NOTE - Please note that after the event has gone live, the organizer may not be able to change the tax settings.Tax details can't be changed after they've been set up. 

For more questions send an email to help@eventzilla.net.

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