How to add cover image for Event hub?

Your Hub page cover photo is shown at the top of the Lobby area and the main stage and takes up a top part of the page
Cover photos, appear on the Hub page across all devices and are the first thing visitors see when they arrive.
Since your cover photo is one of the first things visitors see when they come to your Page, it's where they develop their initial impression of the event. So make it a good one.  A well-chosen cover picture will capture the attention of your attendees
You can upload the cover image to your event hub page using simple easy steps while creating the Hub page.
Click on ''Click to upload your cover image''
You can either drag-drop the image file or choose the file to upload from the computer.
The supported file formats for the cover image are JPG and PNG
Max file size is  5 MB
Max image dimensions: 1500px X 500px

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