How to add on-stage sessions for virtual events?

Onstage Sessions

Onstage sessions are the more excellent options for the event with a larger audience. To create onstage sessions for your event go to Event hub > Virtual sessions > Create an onstage session.
You can select the Stream provider from the following options

    1. Select the provider you want to use
  • Eventzilla (If your maximum presenters do not exceed 5)
  • Zoom
  • Youtube Live
  • Vimeo Live

Note - In the case of Zoom account Select the Zoom account and in the cases of Youtube, Live/Vimeo Live gives the video id.

2. Is this linked to an existing session in your event schedule?
Select Yes - If you want to link the session which is already added to your Event
           No - Please add the required details to create the new session. You may check the link for the steps to make the session.

 3. Cover image

Publish the cover picture (Supported file formats: JPG, PNG). If you want to draw attention to featured sessions in your event hub lobby, turn on the "Feature this session" option. 

4. Reminders

Toggle the setting to send out individual session reminders. You will have the option to enter the Additional Instruction notes once you turn it on. You may select the reminders 1 day or 1 hour before the session. 

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