How to specify the Hub settings?

To restrict access for the Hub page go to Event Hub > Hub set up > Hub settings

Specify the options as required to configure your Event hub page

1. Configure your Event Hub - Click on Hub settings

1.1 Who can access your event hub? - Specify whether your hub page is open to the general public or exclusively to registered attendees when it comes to visibility. 
1.2 Control access by ticket/registration type(s) - Accessibility will be restricted depending on the registration ticket type, which means that only those who have registered for a particular ticket category will be able to access the hub page.  Toggle the option "Access is restricted" > Select the respective Ticket types > Save settings
Note - The hub cost is calculated solely for those ticket registrations that are mentioned here, according to the access level that has been assigned.
The hub fee will be applied to all ticket types if there is no access indicated on your hub settings. 

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