Event hub - A brief introduction

What is Event Hub?

We believe hybrid events are the way of the future. We developed the Event Hub for hybrid and virtual events to engage your participants before, during, and after the event in order to meet this expanding market requirement.
In the past, live streaming and webinar-style content for virtual events required a connection to external providers; however, with native live streaming, we are bringing all of that under one roof.
Consider this as a custom event portal where only your participants can communicate with one another and watch live or previously recorded content. 

How to turn on the Event Hub?

You will have choices to configure and publish Event Hub once your event registration page has been published on Eventzilla. Event Hub is entirely up to you. You can turn it on or off anytime. 

Please click here for the steps to create the event hub.

Event hub - Pricing

The fee for Event hub is $0.99 per attendee and this is exclusive of the ticket registration fee.

There is no upfront fee. You have the option to determine whether to charge attendees for paid events. For free events, we will send you an invoice at the end of the month, and you can pay us online. 

You may check more details on the hub pricing  here
Feature highlights

Top features included in the Event Hub, Here are some of the key features of the Event Hub experience.

1. Custom lobby or reception page
2. Attendee Profiles/Directory
3. An option to select and view Onstage and Breakout sessions live or recorded.
4. A backstage where event speakers/hosts can prepare before going live
5. Sponsor details
6. Activity stream - where attendees can post or interact using text and pictures.
7. 1:1 private messaging between attendees

To create an interactive hub page for your event you can check out the steps in this link
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