Event hub Fee

The event hub cost is additional to the ticket registration fee.

The Fee for event hub is $0.99 per attendee.

There is no upfront fee. You have the option to determine whether to charge attendees for paid events.

If the Event Hub is set up in the middle of event registration, how is the price assessed? 

If the hub is created while event registration has already begun, you will receive a brief notification while publishing the hub about the one-time purchase price that must be paid for the event registrations that have already been processed for the event in order to proceed with the hub page setup. 

How is the Event Hub Fee depending on the Restrictive Access Ticket Type Calculated? 

Based on the ticket category, access can be restricted for the event hub. Only the exact ticket types designated for the hub will be subjected to the hub fee computation. When registering for a ticket type that is not specified in the hub settings, the hub cost will not be charged. 

How do we collect the hub fee?

The hub fee will be levied and collected concurrently with the registration cost for the online registrations. 

For the ensuing circumstances, the hub charge will be raised as a monthly invoice and sent at the end of the month.

  • Event registration is free.
  • Processing of offline registrations via checks, wire transfers, invoice payments, cash, etc.
  • Online registrations if the event's organizer designated Braintree, Authorize.net, and Eway as the payment methods 
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