How to add custom content blocks to your event website?

Enhance Your Event Page with Custom Content Blocks by following the steps outlined below::

  1. Navigate to "Set up" > "Design and Layout" > "Rearrange sections" and click on "New content section."

Example: Create a custom content block for "Speaker Highlights."

  1. Provide a Section Heading.

Example: Enter "Speaker Highlights" as the section heading.

  1. Input a brief description for this section. Utilize the available text editor options to customize the content. You can also upload images to complement the description.

Example: In the description, include information about keynote speakers, their expertise, and the topics they'll cover. Upload a professional headshot of each speaker to make the section visually appealing.

  1. Click on "Save and close" to finalize your custom content section.

Your new custom content block will now be visible on your event page, providing attendees with additional information and creating a more engaging user experience.

How does the custom content appear on the event page?

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