How to set up approval/Denial type registration for your event?

Our new approval queue features adds a tweak to the usual registration process. When an attendee registers for an event, an email is sent to the event organizer. Organizer takes the privilege to either approve or deny the registration request.

Please use the below path to configure approval queue for your event:

Step 1: Log on to your Eventzilla account > My Events> Click on Event tittle
Step 2: Go to Registration - Approval/waitlist
Step 3: Select Registration Pre-Approvals > Yes
Step 4: Click Configure  

Step 5: Select the ticket types you want to configure the approval queue
Step 6 : Set up the messages to be sent to the attendees.

  • Submitted for Pre-Approval Notification
  • Successful approval notification
  • Registration decline notification

Click on 'Save changes'.

For additional questions, you can contact our email support at

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