Add attachment to the registration

The organizer can set the option to add an attachment to the registration page. Through this option, an attendee can upload the required file registering for the event.

The option to set the same is available in the below path:

Step 1: Events > Click on event title > Registration > Registration form

Step 2 : Click the link ''New question''  

Step 3: Enter the title of the question, select the fifth option 'File upload', click 'Save changes'. - If preferred assign this for a specific ticket type as well.   

  Attendees can upload file size of a maximum 200 KB. PDF, JPG, PNG, DOC file formats are supported currently.

  To view / save the attachment received from each attendee please follow the below steps:

My events/Dashboard > Click on event tittle > Manage registrations> View attendees > Select Attendees > Click the  hyper-link attendee name> Click the attachment link to view or save the file.   

For further clarifications, please send an email to  

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