How to generate customized attendee name badges

Name badges are ideal for any conference since they provide guests with a more personal connection to the event.
Attendee name badges can be generated and printed in a more customizable manner withEventzilla. 

Creating Name badges

Select the event > From the left navigation - During and after the event > Print name badges > Design a badge

tep 1 - Select printer and stock

After deciding on the type of name badge you want to supply for your event, you can choose the printer you wish to use.
Each printer choice is accompanied by a list of stocks that can be customized. 

We have the following printer options

1. Standard (Minimum letter/A4 compatible) 

With the Standard printer comes the 3 stock options, Each stock has a defined dimension and the number of badges per sheet.

  • Avery 5395
  • Avery 5392
  • Avery 5390

2. Brother

Select the stock option with the brother printer from the options available

  • Continous 29 mm
  • Continous 38 mm
  • Continous 62 mm
  • Pre-cut 60 mm x 82 mm

Step 2- Design badge layout

Add certain fields to your badge to be displayed., Depending on the needs of your event, you can switch between the alternatives to be printed on the badges. 
  • Event Logo
  • Event Name
  • QR Code
  • Attendee name
  • Organization
  • Ticket / Registration type
  • Add a footer

    On the preview, select a specific field to change the font size and alignment for that specific field.
Once the badge design is complete, you may opt to go on or save it as a draft to finish it later. 
Name your badge template and save it for the occasion. Additionally, you may download the badges in pdf format by selecting the "Print Sample" option. 
Once saved you can view the badges with the option to Edit, Print, and Delete. Please click the gear icon against the template to perform the required actions.
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