Send notification to your attendees on payment failure

Specify to send out an email notification to your attendees when an order is in incomplete status. This is helpful for the attendee to know their actual registration failure and can proceed with a new registration.

What is an Incomplete status?
Incomplete status gets updated for the orders for which the payment is failed. 

Option to enable this email:

1. Go to Event > Registration - Ticket/Registration

2. Toggle the option ''Send a follow-up email when registration is abandoned"

3. Specify the timeline to send out the email and Save it

Notification email viewed from the attendee's end:

Note : 

  • The follow-up email will not be sent if we find a successful registration by the attendee before the follow-up email is sent.
  • This email is a default template and may not be customized.

For more details, please send a note to

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