How to set up Google Analytics integration with Eventzilla

It's easy to track visitors and registrations coming to your event website on Eventzilla with Eventzilla's integration with Google Universal Analytics. Before enabling this integration, make sure you have upgraded to Google Universal Analytics. 

Step 1: Set up a new Google Analytics Web Property for your Event page
Copy your event page's URL from the "Event Overview" screen in your event dashboard. Just select the copy icon on the right to copy the link.

Step 2: Create a new Web Property in your Google Analytics account.
Click the gear wheel to go to Admin in your Google Analytics Dashboard. Copy your event page URL from Eventzilla and paste the URL into a new property in your Google Universal Analytics account and copy the created Web Property. 

Step 3: Enable Google Analytics Integration and link your Web Property.
Head over to your event dashboard and and select Google Analytics option on the left. Paste the Web Property ID (e.g. The web Property starts with the characters "UA" and is of the format: UA123456-1). Save your changes.

Step 4: Test your Google Analytics Integration
After mapping your web property to your Eventzilla event's settings, make sure that you are able to see page views and events coming through in your Google Analytics reporting console. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for these metrics to appear in the GA reports, however, the same will be available in GA 'Real time" view immediately.

List of events posted by Eventzilla to your GA reporting console.

Event Category Label Action Eventzilla Trigger
Eventzilla_Registration [Event Title] Viewed_EventPage User views event page / embedded widget
Eventzilla_Registration [Event Title] Registration_Initialized User commenced registration checkout process
Eventzilla_Registration [Event Title] Registration_CheckOut User entered payment process / completed checkout process
Eventzilla_Registration [Event Title] Registration_Success User finalized registration successfully
Eventzilla_Registration [Event Title] Registration_Failed User's payment failed or was interrupted due to another reason
Eventzilla_Registration [Event Title] Waitlist_Initialized User initiated the waitlist process
Eventzilla_Registration [Event Title] Waitlist_Entered User successfully added themselves to the wait list
[Event Title]
Waitlist_RegistrationSuccess User completed their registration after being in the wait list
Eventzilla_Registration [Event Title] Preapproval_Submitted User submitted their registration details for approval (Where applicable)
Eventzilla_Registration [Event Title] Preapproval_RegistrationSuccess User completed their registration after being on the approval list (Where applicable)
Eventzilla_Registration All Events Viewed_EventListings User views all events listed by an organizer

What's next?
Read about enabling  E-Commerce and cross domain tracking to ensure you unlock the full potential of Eventzilla's integration with Google Analytics

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