How do I transition to PayPal for Marketplaces solution

This article describes the steps required to transition your PayPal account integration with Eventzilla to the recommended PayPal for Marketplaces solution.

Note: The steps below are only applicable to you if you registered with Eventzilla prior to April 22, 2018 and you have are currently using a PayPal account to receive payments for your events. Accounts created after this date are already on the PayPal for Marketplaces payments platform and you are not required to do anything.

Why should I switch to a PayPal for marketplaces account?

Step 1: Log on to your Eventzilla account

Step 2: Go to Payment settings page (Settings > Payment settings) or Event set up > Payment methods

Step 3: Enter Email address linked to your PayPal account and select your country and proceed.

Step 3 (Option A) - If the email address is already a registered PayPal account then you will be prompted to enter the password for an account, click on 'Log-in'

Step 3 (Option B) - If the email address is already not linked to any PayPal account then you will be asked to select the PayPal account type and proceed.

In the next step - Enter the account/profile details and click on 'Agree and continue'

Step 4: Allow connecting your account with Eventzilla by clicking on 'Agree and continue'

Step 5: Click on 'Go back to Eventzilla'

You may now see the 'MERCHANT ID' updated on your Eventzilla account which confirms that you had successfully updated your PayPal account on your Eventzilla account.

For more details write an email to

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