Steps to link Pre-recorded videos

Give your attendees access to the pre-recorded videos, we have the option to link a pre-recorded video to your attendees, this option is available on the 3rd step of the event creation. Enable the 'On-Demand Videos (Recorded webinars, live streams, and online courses) ' as given in the screen capture here:

Step 1: Select the Video hosting provider
You may directly select the provider if its added to the dropdown. Currently the providers we support are Youtube, Wistia, Vimeo, Ustream, Hippovideo, Swplayer or if you want to include the source from other providers you may choose the custom URL option.

Step 2: Enter the video id if you use the supported platforms or you may enter the URL if you use other platforms using customized URL.

Step 3: Specify a title for your video recording.
Step 4: Enter the start date for the video - This will be date on which the attendees will be able to view the video on our event hub page.
Step 5: Enter a expiration date - If you specify a expiry date then the video will be available on the hub page till that date. If you do not specify a expiration date then the video will be available indefinitely.

Step 6: Enter the Description i.e related details for your video
            You may add any additional comments to be included in the email sent to the attendees 

Step 7: Ensure the option 'Notify attendees about the Pre-recorded video as soon as they register for the event.' is checked. If this option is checked an email notification about the Pre-recorded video will be sent to the attendee once they complete the registration.

Step 8: You may choose to send a quick reminder note to your attendees as soon as the video is live on your virtual event hub.

Please contact for any additional questions.

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