How much is the cost to sell tickets in Eventzilla?

Eventzilla is completely free for you to use for simple events such as social gatherings, meetups, and other simple events where you do not charge your attendees anything to attend. However, you can also unlock all of the platform features, which are otherwise available only to paid events by purchasing the "Premium Features for Free Events" add-on.

For Paid events, we offer different pricing options that depend on the plan you choose. Eventzilla offers 3 different tailored plans to choose based on your event requirements.

Plus Plan

  • The pricing for plus pan is 2.9% + $1.50 Per registration *(Capped at $19.99)

Pro Plan

  • The pricing for plus pan is 1.9% + $1.50 Per registration*(Capped at$12.99)


  • The pricing for plus pan is$1.50 Per registration

Custom pricing

  • Not sure on the above pricing option and want to for a much tailored unique pricing version for your events,You can contact our sales team for a customized pricing module.

Note: Please note that the above fee for paid events is only the Eventzilla service fee and it does not include the credit card payment processing charges. Credit card payment charges vary and it depends on the payment processor you choose for the event.

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