Broadcasting Eventzilla Webinar to Vimeo

How to broadcast your Eventzilla Webinar room to Vimeo live

To understand the basics of how to set up your broadcast to social media, read this article before proceeding further.

How to set up your video stream

To first set up your video stream, open the Share Menu by clicking either the “+” icon, or “Open Share Menu”. 

Next, select “Broadcast to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo”.

On the following screen, select the platform you’d like to broadcast your event to.

Select Vimeo from the list of platforms to stream to, be sure that you’re logged into your Vimeo account.

Go to your Vimeo homepage and select “Live Events”. You should see the “Connect (RTMP)” window to the right of the screen. Here you’ll find the RTMP URL and the Stream Key. Select it and copy and paste the RTMP URL and the Stream Key to the appropriate fields in your Eventzilla Webinar room's stream dialog. Click the “Start Streaming” button and you’re good to go!

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