Break out sessions with Zoom Meetings

Select the ''Meeting room/Provider" - If you insist on using your Zoom account, you can choose the Zoom meetings. 

Is this linked to an existing session in your event schedule?
Yes - Choose if you want to display the session already created for the event.
Select the session date  and select the exact linked session from your agenda

No - You can create new sessions, Give the session title and description and update the dates of the sessions. Enter the track information which is optional and choose the track color. Select the linked Zoom account from the drop-down which will list the Zoom account(s) which you had already completed the OAuth on your Eventzilla account.

Cover Image - Click on the image icon to upload the cover image for your breakout - sessions, Supported formats are JPG, PNG)Restrict the session access based on the ticket category. Enable this option and select the required ticket types. This will ensure only the participants who have registered for the selected ticket type will access the session. Additional settings - 

 -  This session does require registration on the Event page, as indicated by the option "This session requires pre-enrollment by attendees" being enabled by default. 
-  You can restrict the session access with a password by creating a meeting password

Toggle the ''Feature this session" option to highlight the session details on your event hub lobby page.
You can send out the individual reminders 1 day and 1 hour before the start of the sessions to the registrants. Check the required reminder options and add in your instruction notes and click on ''Save settings"

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