Approve or Deny a registration in Approval queue

After setting up Approval queue registration for your event, Attendees are awaiting your decision of accepting or rejecting them. Organizers have to go through registration details to decide whether to approve or deny a registration based on their preference.

Access the Approval queue page -  Begin by selecting your event, go to Manage registration > Manage approval/waitlist
Approve an invitee by checking the attendee name, selecting the ''Approve registration''.
The registrant will receive an email with a link to complete the registration once it has been approved.

Attendees can click the ''Complete registration'' button on the email to successfully register for the event.
For a paid event, the link will direct the attendee to complete the payment process. 
Click the attendee's name and select "Decline the registration(s)" to reject them. The registrant will receive a quick notification of the declined status. 

Note - If the payment is unsuccessful, the immediate retry of the registration will not be allowed; however, the attendee can register again using the same link exactly 60 minutes after the first try. 
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