How do I pay Eventzilla?

Eventzilla's fee for online transactions are processed real time. Eventzilla fee's for offline payments are collected by sending an invoice at the end of every month.

Organizer will be sent an invoice in the following case(s):

1. Orders processed through offline mode either through Cash/Check.
2. If the organizer's account has been switched to the 'Paypal standard' mode.
3. Organizers who use payment gateways apart from Eventzilla payments and Paypal such as, Stripe,Eway and Briantree to process their online payments.

Please take a look on how to administer the invoices through your eventzilla account.
  • Log in to your eventzilla account and click on 'Account settings' tab.
  • Select ' My invoices' from the menu displayed on the left pane.

This will display the invoice details separated in 2 tabs Pending invoices and Paid invoices.
Pending invoices: (Yet to be paid) This will display the invoice details such as Invoice date,Due date and status etc.

Status message and explanations:   
* Void: Cancelled by the invoice issuer.
* Out standing: Payment required.
Paid invoices: Keeps the history of all your paid invoices till date.

How can you pay your invoices?
Once the invoice is generated and issued by eventzilla, organizer gets the notification email with all the relevant details, Organizer can choose to pay through the link (Pay now) sent in the email.
Organizer can log to eventzilla account and follow the above steps to reach the ‘My invoices’ page and click on ‘Pay now’ link.
Either way the link will be redirected to the PayPal page to proceed with the payment. Invoices can be paid via PayPal either using an existing PayPal account or simply using your credit card.
Note: Payment should be made within the due date mentioned. If any invoice is outstanding for more than 10 days, your events will automatically be taken offline.

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