Confirming a pending order

The steps to confirm a pending order are outlined here.
The order's pending status is updated for orders that are paid for using offline payment methods like check, bank transfer, and pay by invoice, among others.
Please note that all offline payment methods are handled by the organizer.
When attendees register for your event using an offline payment method such as "Check," "Bank transfer," or "Pay by invoice," the order will be marked as "pending."
When the payment is received, the event organizer can manually confirm this pending order. 

Step 1

To manage the details of an event, log in to your existing Eventzilla account and select the event name. 

Step 2
Select Manage registration > View orders from the drop-down menu.
You'll see a list of all your orders, including "Pending" and "Confirmed" orders. 

Step 3
Filter by order status by selecting "Pending".

Step 4
To confirm an order, select the order reference number. click "Confirmed order(s)"button

Enter the "Reason for Confirming" in the next pop-up that appears, then select Confirm order.
This will confirm the order and send an email confirmation to the attendees automatically. 
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