Editing an existing event page

After the event has been published, Organizer can edit the event details at any time.
If you've already started taking registrations for your event, make sure to send a quick note to your attendees informing them on the changes. 

To edit your event details

1. Log in to your Eventzilla account > Events > Click the event title2. From the  "Event Setup" menu on the left side of your screen, select the tab for the settings you want to change. 

3. Review and update the required changes to the Event title, Description, Date/Time information, Location, Ticket Details, and other basic event information on the tabs. 

4. When you are done editing the event details – SAVE the changes and preview the event page to verify the updates.

Note - If you're changing the date/time of an event for which you've already received successful registrations, make sure to notify your attendees (you can use the "Email attendees" option) about the change because it may affect the registrant's selected dates.

You can also resend the order confirmation email/tickets with the new dates on them.
The only option that cannot be changed once it has been set is the event's tax configurations.
Once the Tax field has been specified, it cannot be edited again. 
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