Facilitate accommodation/room booking for your attendees

ventzilla provides an easy way for your attendees to book rooms for the event.

It is an ideal feature for conferences or meetings that span over days.

Your attendees can find and book the best room with good amenities based on the event location

We have integrated with Hotelplanner.com for accommodation bookings. By providing a single, comprehensive platform - This feature helps the organizers to let attendees book, amend and cancel room bookings anywhere, anytime.

Free up the hours of time spent hunting for and managing room facilitations.

Our flexible event registration and room booking combination create transparency. Quote, estimate, and execute faster than ever before.

The organizer can enable this option in their event settings page

  •          Log on to Eventzilla account > Events > Advance settigs > Participants certificates
  •          Enable accommodation booking for this event - Select ‘Yes’

There are 2 ways you can enable the booking facility for your Event:

Click on the above links to know explore the accommodation options.

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